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.Service introduction

HongKong EMS international express is the express mail service launched by HongKong Post. It covers over 1900 cities all over the world with high efficiency, safety, convenience and capability of customs clearance. Parcels of HongKong EMS are sending to the world from HongKong.


.Service advantages:

 (1) The service is available all over the world, 210 destinations of the world are covered;

 (2) No fuel and remote area additional charges; volumetric weight is not applicable;

 (3) Fast and reliable, extra urgent shipment which can be delivered to main cities in the world in the following working day is available (applicable to Australia, Japan, South Korea and America);


.Delivery scope

All over the world, 210 destinations and over 1900 cities in the world are covered


.Reference time:

2 business days for available online and 3-8 working days for delivery, excluding time for customs clearance.(as time needed for post and customs processing differ form countries and areas, longer  time may be needed for parcels delivery in some countries)  


.  Restriction on weight

30 kg maximally


.Restriction on volume


l         P standardlength≤105cmlength +perimeter≤200cm

l         XP standardlength≤150cmlength +perimeter≤300cm

l         America(including Puerto Rico): length≤150cmlength +perimeter≤275cm

l         Please contact with salesman of our company for table of restriction on maximum volume.


l         Non-roll parcels: 9cm*14cm

l         Roll parcels: twice of the diameter + length≥17cm, length≥100mm. Restriction on maximum weight in most countries is 30kg.



1. Please visit orwww.hongkongpost.comfor specific national prices

2. Handling charges of 10 Yuan/shipment shall be charged by HongKong EMS


. Additional charges:



.Tracking info

1. Please visit for tracking; or

2. Use the parcel tracking function in the website of Flytexpress for tracking


     Related duties:

Provisions in customs tariff laws differ from country to country

In the event that the recipients refuse to pay the duties, such duties shall be paid by the sender.


ⅩⅠ.Loss claims

    To keep you at ease all the time, EMS sincerely provides insurance service for you to fully guarantee your documents, samples or commodities. You can be recovered for any damages or losses occurred even during the shipments are delivered from HongKong to overseas.


Sum insured(HKD)


Regular items

Watches, mobile phones, cameras and accessories

From 1,500 to 2,500



From 2,500 to 5,000



From 5,000 to 10,000



From 10,000 to 20,000



From 20,000 to 30,000



From 30,000 to 40,000



From 40,000 to 50,000



EMS freight service/ EMS fast-easy freight service

From 10,000 to 200,000

0.24% of the sum insured

0.37% of the sum insured


1. HongKong Post shall not provide compensation for loss or damage of any shipments already covered by insurance, but the paid postage can be fully reimbursed, while compensation of the shipments not covered by insurance shall remain unchanged.   

2. Sum insured for EMS freight service/fast-easy freight service shall be calculated as insurance of the whole batch of shipment, and such sum insured shall range from HKD10,000 to HKD200,000; maximum sum insured for a single package shall be HKD50,000.


ⅩⅡ.Prohibited items:

1. Items prohibited to be circulated or delivered by the national laws and regulations;

2. Explosive, flammable, corrosive, radioactive and toxic items and other dangerous items;

3. Reactionary newspapers, magazines, books, mediums or obscene items;

4. All currencies;

5. Items detrimental to public sanitation

6. Perishable items;

7. Live animals (excluding bee, silkworm and leech with proper packing for delivery and personnel security);

8. Items with improper packing which may be harmful to personal safety or contaminate or damage other mail equipments

9. Other items which are not appropriate for mailing.