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Priority Service

Code: Registered Mail of China Post (Preferential Service) --- CNPMR; Ordinary Mail of China Post (Preferential Service) --- CNPM


Can Be Mailed to: Japan; Netherlands; Canada; Britain; New Zealand; United States; France; Switzerland; Israel; Spain; Brazil; Russia; Malaysia; United Arab Emirates; Singapore; Australia


I. Service Briefing:

The Preferential Service of China Post is an aviation mail channel of China Post developed by Flyt Global Express by incorporating its own aviation resource and the channels of China Post! For the moment, postal parcels of the company can be mailed to the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Canada and new Zealand. This small-parcel product boasts inexpensive price, immediate time efficiency, stable velocity and extremely high performance price ratio.


II. Time Efficiency of Delivery (for Reference): 7-15 working days

Basic Time Efficiency of Networking: 2 working days

III. Weight Restriction: 0.01KG - 2KG.


IV. Volume Restriction:

1. Non-cylinder goods: Length + width + height 90CM; length (single side) 60CM; height 14CM; width 9CM;

2. Cylinder-type goods: Twice of the diameter + Length 104CM; Length (single side) 90CM;               

Twice of the diameter + length 17CM; Length 10CM.  


V. Price & Expenses:

Registered Mail: 95% of the public price of China Post +  RMB 8 Yuan + RMB 0.2 Yuan/ticket.

Ordinary Mail: 95% of the public price of China Post + RMB 0.2 Yuan/ticket.

VI. Tracking Information:

1. Log in or for query; (no query service is available for ordinary mail).

2. If, after the parcel registered has been sent for 1 month, the customer still does not receive it, he can apply for query, and the query period is 3-6 months.

Duty: To be paid by the addressee

Insurance: Our company temporarily does not offer insurance service.

Articles Prohibited:

1. All the goods prohibited or restricted by the international aviation provisions in terms of post. For instance, liquid, powder, paste-like substance, drugs and ammunition, etc.

2. Pure battery and "large numbers of mobiles phones" can not be mailed; as fittings, batteries can be mailed in a suitable manner. However, it is better that the battery be subject to independent packaging or supportive batteries. However, whether the products can smoothly pass through the customs depends on the policies of the customs.


VII. Settlement of Claims for Things Lost:

Condition for Application of Amends: If the customer does not receive the package within 1-3 months after the acceptance of the goods by the Post;


Standard of Amends:

1.If the goods are lost due to reason of our company, the customer will be amended with thrice of the transportation cost;

2. If website query is available while the addressee still does not receive the mail: First of all, do the query; if it has been confirmed that the goods are lost, the standard of amends of the Post will apply (maximum amount of amends: RMB 100 Yuan/ticket).

Remark: If the goods are lost due to spot test of the customs, whether and other elements of force majeure, Flyt bears no responsibility.


VIII. Packing Requirements:

The goods must be with the address label printed with the logistics system of Flyt Global Express.


IX. Exemption Statement:          

1) If any damage or defect is caused by inherent defect or fundamental element of the article posted; or if any customs detention, customs clearance or delay is caused due to the reason that the postal parcel is suspected as illegal by the customs authorities of the destination; if the goods are confiscated, destructed, seized or withheld due to incorrect description of commodity, incorrect declaration, below incorrect declaration or other reasons, we shall bear no responsibility. 

2) If delay or destruction of the posted parcel is caused by improper packaging, we shall bear no responsibility;

3) If service of the mail is delayed due to alteration of the name or address of the addressee, or if the extra service is not completed due to the reason that the parcel is withdrawn and posted again, we shall bear no responsibility;

4) If packaging of the parcel is in good condition and without any trace of disassembling when being served, and the addressee has signed the receipt as required, and after that the addressee finds that articles inside have been lost or damaged, we shall bear no responsibility;

5) If any delay, loss or damage is caused due to visitation of providence, political events, strike movement, nuclear explosion or war.                     


Service Advantage

1. Charge is inexpensive

2. Postal parcel withdrawn is free of charge

3. Delivery over the world

4. Low packaging-lost rate; query service and service of settlement of claims on goods lost are available

5. Good capacity of customs clearance